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Sunday Blog Marches On

The Sunday Blog took last week off because my fingertips needed a rest. But it’s back today on another busy weekend. * The Sunday Blog received word late Saturday night that Kentucky gymnast Shelby Hilton, who had to be removed on a rolling stretcher Friday night after hitting her head on the floor exercise, sustained no injuries from her fall but was held in Gainesville for observation. It was sobering moment when the O’Connell Center was dead quiet while Hilton… Read More »

Five sports, four days, one Sunday Blog

One of the reasons I still enjoy living in Gainesville after 28 years is a weekend like this one. Look, football is my favorite sport and I love college basketball. But I am also appreciative of the other sports and the fact that Florida is so good in them makes it even more interesting. So covering five events in four days was a blast. This diary is probably more for me than you, but here it goes: Thursday: I’m going… Read More »


The Sunday Blog returns after a short hiatus. Hope everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl, National Signing Day, the bowl season and the first half of college basketball conference seasons. Man, I missed a lot. 1. There has been a lot of criticism about the disingenuous coaches in college football recruiting kids to one school and then leaving once they sign. It has been a part of college football for a long time, but it’s getting more attention this season because… Read More »

A Saturday Blog

Just because I’m in the mood, a rare sighting — The Saturday Blog. 1. If you thought Alabama-Auburn was big before … the tag team of GusChamp vs. SabaLane should be something. I think Will Muschamp made the right choice, turning down a Houston program that is on the periphery of big-time football to stay in the SEC. It’s pretty amazing that Muschamp and new Florida coach Jim McElwain will be making roughly the same salary this season. But in… Read More »

Freeze never met with UF or received offer

Hugh Freeze has reached an agreement with Ole Miss on a contract that will pay him $4 million a year, according to reports. That would put Freeze out of the running for the Florida job. The question is whether or not he was ever a serious contender. There was no offer made to Freeze, despite numerous false reports that there was. Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley never met with Freeze and if you know anything about Foley, he has never… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, wrapping it up

The final Sunday Blog of this football season comes at you after another season blew by us so fast you couldn’t time it. 1. If nothing else, Saturday night was affirmation that Florida needed to go in another direction. The inability of this coaching staff to develop an intermediate passing game was mind-boggling. Think about this — Florida ended the game with eight straight incompletions. One was flagged for pass interference to keep the drive alive temporarily, but it was… Read More »

Dr. Football’s Mailbag, FSU week

 This is the final week of Dr. Football’s Mailbag, but we will replace it with a new blog on Wednesdays. Thanks for all of the questions and stay tuned. During the BCS era we had to suffer through ESPN “analysts” railing on how the rankings were decided by “computer geeks and nerds” (such a lame comment, by the way) and the reduced emphasis on human input and the failure to place greater weight on the eye test. Now that we… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, down the homestretch

The Sunday Blog is now bowl eligible because everyone in the SEC is bowl eligible. Uh, sorry Vandy fans. 1. Seriously, what are they going to do with all these SEC teams? There are now 11 that are bowl eligible and it could be 13 if Tennessee beats Vanderbilt as expected and Kentucky upsets Louisville. The league has nine bowl tie-ins plus whatever happens with the College Football Playoff. Don’t worry. They’ll find spots for everyone. We have no idea… Read More »

Dr. Football’s Mailbag, Eastern Kentucky week

 This is the next-to-last Mailbag so if you’ve been waiting all year to ask a question, you had better get it in before Tuesday. Thanks again everyone. You summed up the S.C. loss as “Muschamp 101″ football, and that was dead on. Throwing only 11 passes against that secondary is mind-boggling; do you think that in the end he just couldn’t stop himself from trying to win his way, no matter how much the team struggled during the game? —… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, post-apocalypse

The Sunday Blog comes at you after a Saturday that lived up to expectations except for every final score. The wings were great and so was the company.  1. College football is an amazing sport. How else can you explain Georgia’s defense? One week they are manhandled by a one-dimensional Florida team and give up 38 points. Two weeks later, they give up a 70-yard drive to Auburn to start the game and then allow zero points the rest of… Read More »