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The Sunday Blog, post-apocalypse

The Sunday Blog comes at you after a Saturday that lived up to expectations except for every final score. The wings were great and so was the company.  1. College football is an amazing sport. How else can you explain Georgia’s defense? One week they are manhandled by a one-dimensional Florida team and give up 38 points. Two weeks later, they give up a 70-yard drive to Auburn to start the game and then allow zero points the rest of… Read More »

Dr. Football’s Mailbag, South Carolina week

If Treon had not been suspended for LSU game imagine where his progress and possibly this teams record (maybe 1 loss?) would be — Tom.  Yeah, it would have been interesting to see what would have happened but remember that Florida was still a dropped pass and some secondary breakdowns away from winning that game with Jeff Driskel. The more interesting thing to me would have been to see what would have happened the following week against Missouri. But we’ll… Read More »

The Sunday Blog needs a nap

The Sunday Blog comes at you from our layover in Atlanta where I am working on no sleep. I wish I had a great story to tell about the postgame in Nashville, but I just couldn’t sleep. 1. The Stoops family always prides itself on defense, so Saturday had to be one of the worst days in the family’s coaching history. Bobby and Mark Stoops saw their two defenses give up a combined 111 points to Baylor and Georgia. The… Read More »

Dr. Football’s Mailbag, Vandy week

Thanks for all the questions for the mailbag. Keep them coming. If the Gators convincingly win out, win the East, and then the SEC championship game, what are the odds they make it into the playoffs as the 9-3 SEC champ? — Blake. Blake: It is amazing how a week ago the general feeling was that Florida would be looking for a new coach and now people are talking in a positive manner. It’s also refreshing for Dr. Football. The… Read More »

The Sunday Blog falls back

The clocks fell back and I woke up late after staying up to watch the West Coast games, so this comes at you a little late. Not that I’m apologizing. 1. The comparisons between Will Muschamp and Ron Zook will never die and one reason is that things keep happening that are so similar. Chalk up one more. The last time Florida beat an Associated Press Top 10 team when the Gators were unranked was 2004 when Zook beat FSU… Read More »

Dr. Football’s Mailbag, Georgia week

It’s time for Dr. Football’s Mailbag and all of the questions are appreciated. Keep them coming. I’ve heard some former players saying that our facilities aren’t that great and are in the bottom half of the SEC. Is this true? — Scott.  Scott: Obviously, I haven’t received a tour lately of all 14 schools but I think Florida is in the second tier behind schools such as Alabama, Tennessee, Auburn and LSU. I did receive a tour of Oklahoma’s facilities… Read More »

Dr. Football’s MailBag, Bye week

Looking into your crystal ball, who is head coach of the Gators for their season opener in 2015? — Chad.  Chad: Obviously, I received a lot of questions like this over the last few days along with a bunch of suggestions. Hugh Freeze, Rod Hudspeth, Steve Spurrier, Gus Malzahn, Kerwin Bell, Jon Gruden, Tim Tebow, Dan Mullen, Rich Rodriguez, Dana Holgorsen are just a few. I could make guesses but they would just be my wild guesses. The truth is… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, at least the weather is nice

The Sunday Blog comes at you with a much-needed bye week on the horizon, assuming nothing earth-shattering happens at UF and trust me, it won’t. Not this week. Not next. After that, we’ll see. 1. Maybe it was just me, but it didn’t sound like Jeff Driskel is going to be relegated to the bench for the Georgia game based on Will Muschamp’s comments after the game. Driskel is a really good kid and I hate this for him, but… Read More »

Dr. Football’s Mailbag, Missouri Week

Thanks for all of the great questions this week. Keep them coming. I’ve always thought the reason we didn’t win the ’09 National Title was that Dan Mullen left. He’s put in a lot of work and it looks like Mississippi State is over the hump.  At the end of this year, even if he only has one great year at Mississippi State, do you think his work at Florida and MS gives him enough credibility to make him the… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, Week Seven

The Sunday Blog stayed up way too late, but there was football to be watched and I feel it is my duty. Also, the beers were still cold from my wife’s tailgate. 1. To me, if you are a sane voter and not an FSU homer, you have to vote Mississippi State No. 1 in the polls. The body of work is amazing. Dak Prescott is going to receive most of the credit, but that’s a pretty salty defense. The… Read More »