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SEC Media Days: Ranking the presentations

As I wrote for the Friday paper, there wasn’t a lot of sizzle to these SEC Media Days. The coaches really were the show because of the lack of name players. How’d the coaches do? Well, it’s time to rank the 14 SEC coaches based on their presentations in the main media room at Media Days. 1. Steve Spurrier: The ball coach cracked us up a few times. The stuff about the Alamo was classic Spurrier. “I always thought Davy… Read More »

The return of Wednesdays With Dr. Football

After a week in St. Augustine and a week focused on the Bob Dooley Invitational, Wednesday’s With Dr. Football returns and will be with you until the start of the season. It’s football time. 1. I submitted my All-SEC ballot on Tuesday. It was weird because we had to vote for eight offensive linemen and six linebackers and four running backs and rank them. Anyway, the Gators I had on there were Jeff Driskel, Vernon Hargreaves III, Dante Fowler Jr.,… Read More »

Wednesdays With Dr. Football, Vol. VI

This is the last Wednesdays With Dr. Football for a couple of weeks as I have some vacation coming. But it will resume live from Hoover, Ala., during SEC Media Days. 1. So I put on Twitter that I was going to list the five Florida players who must come through for this to be a big season and asked for responses, And, of course, Will Muschamp’s name came up. So did Jeremy Foley’s. Some of you are not going… Read More »

Wednesday’s With Dr. Football, Vol. V

Wednesdays With Dr. Football is a weekly feature to help you get through the summer until the real football kicks off. 1. I have known Chris Leak since I went to his home in Charlotte, N.C, and sat with him and his dad for hours before his freshman season. So I hope this move that Florida made will not backfire. I understand that we are less than four weeks from SEC Media Days and it would be difficult to go… Read More »

Wednesdays With Dr. Football, Vol. IV

It’s time for Wednesdays With Dr. Football to help you get closer to the start of the season.  1. The preseason all-everything teams are coming at you faster than a tailgater on 34th St. and I caution you to take them with a spoonful of skepticism. They are like the early-season polls — almost irrelevant, but necessary. I looked back at last year’s preseason team that we picked in Hoover and we didn’t fare too poorly. On offense. We had… Read More »

Wednesdays With Dr. Football, Vol. III

It’s time for Wednesday’s with Dr. Football, your weekly summer football fix. But first, a shout-out to the Gator softball team. LOUDER! Ohh-ohh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ohh. 1. With so many teams replacing quarterbacks, the SEC race is as open as it has been in awhile. And I’m not just talking about the top. What’s a person to do about Missouri, which lost so much talent? And Texas A&M, which kicked two players off a bad defense on Tuesday? Or Georgia, which has already… Read More »

Wednesdays With Dr. Football, Vol. II

Wednesdays With Dr. Football is a weekly online feature that will continue until the start of football season. 1. I’m not sure when the love/hate relationship began for Florida fans with quarterback Jeff Driskel. Was it the Sugar Bowl when he had three turnovers and the Gators lost to Louisville? Or was it the Miami game when he made three bad throws and threw for 291 yards? Both were debilitating losses for the Gator Nation and there are plenty of… Read More »


In any sport, RPI isn’t the only definitive factor when NCAA committees set up their tournaments. But it’s always interesting to look at it as a tool that helps them slot teams. Clearly, when it comes to baseball, RPI is an ever-changing dynamic. Some years it matters, some years it’s almost irrelevant. But I thought it would be interesting to look at the cumulative RPIs of each baseball regional. It’s not surprising that Florida’s is the toughest because when it… Read More »

Wednesdays With Dr. Football, Volume I

After a brief respite from blogging, I’m back. To help get you through the summer, every Wednesday until game week this space will be devoted to “Wednesdays With Dr. Football” with five topics about college football. 1. I keep hearing and reading these rumors about Florida renewing its series with Miami. Forget it. It’s not going to happen. Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley has said in the past that he is open to playing a game down the road at… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, marooned in Dallas

The Sunday Blog is a little cranky today because the NCAA won’t allow us to leave our hotels early despite the Florida loss and despite the fact that the power has been out all morning. Death to the NCAA. Greedy is way too soft a word. 1. A perfect example of how poor offense can lead to a run by the other team came against UConn. Casey Prather was on a fast break and tried to lob the ball awkwardly… Read More »