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The Sunday Blog, Week Eight

The Sunday Blog comes at you after a perfect Saturday off. The only bad thing is that it’s over. 1. There are a lot of reasons why I don’t gamble. Saturday was definitely one of them. It looked to me like the lock of the year was FSU giving only 6½ points to an awful Georgia Tech team. Unless it was third-ranked Utah being an underdog at 3-3 USC. How do these guys know things that I don’t? I guess… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, Week Seven

The Sunday Blog comes at you after a weekend of cool weather and a hot football game in Baton Rouge. 1. It’s amazing that Florida had a chance to win Saturday night’s game despite getting nothing from the running game. Take away the 55 yards on scramble runs for Treon Harris and the Gators ran 18 times for 35 yards. LSU has a really tough defense, but the Tigers played two deep safeties for much of the game which should… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, Week Six

The Sunday Blog comes at you after a long day Saturday on the SEC’s worst road trip. Who let Missouri into the league anyway? Nothing against the people, it’s just logistically a major pain when it’s a night game. 1. But you don’t care about that. You want to talk about your 6-0 Florida football team. The Gators play the best team and the best player they’ll face all year Saturday in Baton Rouge. “This is going to be a… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, Week Five

The Sunday Blog comes at you after another late night at the Swamp and a lot of hoarse people wandering around Gainesville today. 1. I have been critical of Demarcus Robinson for his lack of toughness and big plays. So let me say today, the kid played one heck of a game Saturday night. Robinson has eight catches for 98 yards and a score and made some great catches on the night. I thought it was his best game as… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, Week Four

The Sunday Blog comes at you after one of the most fun weekends I can remember with great friends and one amazing football finish. 1. One thing about the aftermath of Florida’s improbable 28-27 win over Tennessee — the Gator players get that they have a long way to go to be a really good football team, even if they are 4-0 and suddenly ranked. “I’ve got to play a lot better throughout the game,” said Will Grier when it… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, Week Three

The Sunday Blog comes at you early in the morning from Lexington, Ky., where the bourbon was strong and the Gators celebrated once again in Commonwealth. 1. This was the kind of college Saturday that keeps bringing us back. So many great games and so many wild finishes whether it was BYU-UCLA, Texas-Cal, Ole Miss-Alabama or even UConn-Missouri. We had Kliff Kingsbury calling out Bret Bielema and Urban Meyer looking like his dog died after a win. (We’ve seen that… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, Week Two

The Sunday Blog comes at you after a late night because some of us are college football crazy and stayed up to watch everything. 1. One of the dumbest cliches in sports is that teams have their most improvement from their first game to their second. A college football team has nine months to get ready for its opener and a week to get ready for its second game. And we saw it on Saturday. Not only were there major… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, Week Uno

The Sunday Blog returns after the first Saturday of college football that included more weather delays than a golf tournament and a new level of tailgating at Florida. Or so I’ve heard. 1. I know. I know. We know better than to overreact after the first Saturday of the season. If we did, we’d be ready to crown the SEC and dismiss the Pac-12. The SEC had three very nice wins. The Pac-12 had three very bad losses — Stanford… Read More »

Ron Zook, revisited

Sometimes it’s all about the timing. Ron Zook followed the greatest coach in UF football history. Florida won six SEC titles under Steve Spurrier and contended every year. Spurrier threw the ball all over the field and changed everything about the way the game was played. And he won every press conference. Zook told us all in his first press conference how he wasn’t Steve Spurrier. he must have said it 15 times. Then, he proved it. But what if… Read More »

Could SEC East get shut out?

So we were talking about this on the radio the other day because I was suddenly hit by the reality that the SEC East could go 0-14 against the West. It’s very unlikely. Even a blonde squirrel finds an acorn now and then.  But the West has dominated the East recently and the West has six teams that could win that division. The East is still struggling to get back to the glory years. But where will the East get… Read More »