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The Sunday Blog … on mute

The Sunday Blog has a story to tell about Saturday night but it’s a little embarrassing. I was watching Florida-Kentucky with my wife and late in the first half I had to go to my office and mute the TV to watch by myself. “I’ve seen every Florida game and almost every Kentucky  game this season. I don’t need someone else to tell me what’s going on in the game,” I said. Nice ego, huh? I get a little annoyed… Read More »

A Bonus Blog because, well, I felt like it

Woke up this morning, felt like blogging about basketball. So here’s a bonus Four From The Floor: 1. Florida’s win Tuesday night at Tennessee was another resume builder but, more importantly, a big step towards winning its seventh SEC title and sixth under Billy Donovan. It was also a win over a Top 50 RPI team so I looked up the top 10 teams in RPI and their records against top 50 teams (RPI in parenthesis). (3) Syracuse 6-0. (7)… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, four weeks to SEC Tourney

The Sunday Blog likes those noon games even if they seem strange. Leaves more time for watching hoops with friends, which I did at Ballyhoo’s late into Saturday evening. 1. It is a big week for the Florida basketball team because the Gators are going to two places where they have not has a lot of success — Knoxville and Lexington. Sure, Florida handled Tennessee in Gainesville but I expect a battle up there. Tennessee is a weak team mentally… Read More »

A Super Sunday Blog

The Sunday Blog comes at you on Super Sunday which is America’s excuse to eat badly, drink too much and leave parties early because work comes early. Really, shouldn’t Monday be a holiday? For me, it’s a break from college basketball, but just a short one. 1. In Sunday’s newspaper I pointed out something I talked about on my Dooley Noted podcast, that Florida’s schedule is always back-loaded because the Gators are the second-best brand in the SEC and TV… Read More »

Tracking UF’s best hoops starts

Florida’s 18-2 record through its first 20 games ties the best mark all-time for a Florida team. Here are Florida’s best starts through 20 games (four losses or fewer) and how the seasons turned out. 2006-07 Started 18-2. SEC finish: First in the East. NCAA Tournament: National champions. 2005-06. Started: 18-2. SEC finish: Second in the East. NCAA Tournament: National champions. 2012-13. Started 18-2. SEC finish: First. NCAA Tournament: Lost in Elite Eight to Michigan. 2002-03. Started: 18-2. SEC finish:… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, Jan. 26

I was thinking about how I might need a better name for the Sunday Blog after the transition was made from football to basketball season and since it automatically goes to Twitter and I want as many clicks as possible I thought about calling it “Tim Tebow new Florida coach” or “Chris Walker finally cleared” just so people would click on it. But that wouldn’t be right. 1. So I was thinking about this during the Florida-Tennessee game and decided… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, Jan. 19

The Sunday Blog comes at you after a rare date night which included “American Hustle” and a late dinner. This is how you people without children live, eh? I. I can’t help myself. I know it’s early but I start looking at bracketologists and RPIs around this time of year. It’s kind of like looking at BCS standings in October. It’s something to talk about. So forgive the Sunday Blog if you don’t care about something that will change drastically… Read More »

Sunday Blog, Monday style

The Sunday Blog comes at you early Monday morning because of some technical difficulties. Whatever infected ESPN2’s broadcast of the Florida-Arkansas game got into my computer Sunday. 1. That was an impressive performance by a tough team in Fayetteville. Arkansas is not a great team by any means, but as Jimmy Dykes pointed out the Hogs play like a top 10 team at home. And for a battered UF team to go in there and get the win, well, this… Read More »

The Sunday Blog returns

I heard from some readers out there who like the Sunday Blog and wanted it for more than just football season. So here it is. We’ll go through the end of basketball season at least. Thanks for reading. 1. So the SEC is 7-2 in bowl games with one to go and still the haters keep hating. I’m not talking about just fans of other leagues but national writers and broadcasters. I’ve never been a big believer that a conference’s… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, Week XV

The Sunday Blog may get a little wordy this morning because it’s early and I can’t sleep and I’m on my third Diet Coke and this is the last one of the season and I’m still ticked off at the ending of “The Hunger Games” sequel that my daughter made me go see and, well, you get the idea. 1. OK, my Heisman ballot went in at 5:35 a.m. Sunday. I won’t reveal it for fear that the Heisman police… Read More »