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The Sunday Blog, Week Seven

The Sunday Blog stayed up way too late, but there was football to be watched and I feel it is my duty. Also, the beers were still cold from my wife’s tailgate. 1. To me, if you are a sane voter and not an FSU homer, you have to vote Mississippi State No. 1 in the polls. The body of work is amazing. Dak Prescott is going to receive most of the credit, but that’s a pretty salty defense. The… Read More »

Dr. Football’s Mailbag, LSU Week

Dr. Football, are the shenanigans at the end of the UF-UT game common? Grabbing the center’s hand? — Ike. Ike: I’ve seen it before. On rare occasions, it has worked when the official didn’t see it. It was a heart-stopping moment when it looked like Florida had fumbled the snap, but the refs were all over the illegal move. Pat, as you pointed out, not all of the interceptions on Saturday were Driskel’s fault, but could be blamed partly on… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, Week Six

The Sunday Blog comes at you very early in the morning after a trip that began with a canceled flight, an 8½-hour drive and very little sleep. That’s what Sunday afternoon is for. 1. I have to say that when you stand on the field at Neyland Stadium it is one of the coolest places in the country. Tennessee fans gave it their all as well from the checkerboard pattern in the stands to incredible noise on third downs. I… Read More »

Dr. Football Mailbag, Tennessee week

Why do these football announcers harp on how tired the defense is? “This defense has been out there for 14 plays; they’ve gotta be winded. First that long drive, then the interception on first down and they’re right back out there!” — MS. It’s a good question. I get it when the offensive team is passing because it takes more out of you to rush the passer than to block in protection. For example, on the 16-play Alabama drive in… Read More »

Dr. Football’s Mailbag, post-Alabama

Pretend you are a highly sought after coach at a smaller FBS school.  Which 2015 head coaching job is better… Michigan or Florida?  Discuss! –Steve. Steve: Good question. The competition is easier at Michigan but the recruiting base is much better at Florida. I think one thing any coach would have to consider is how difficult the SEC is. But I still think Florida is the better job. If I were to rank the best coaching jobs in America, Florida… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, Week Four

The Sunday Blog comes at you after a long drive from Tuscaloosa to Prattville and the anticipation of another long drive to come home. We need a bye week as much as Florida’s football team. 1. Plenty of late emails and tweets. I read them all. I get it. And, yes, I was clearly wrong when I told all of you Gator clubs in August how Jeff Driskel was going to be an all-SEC quarterback. I’m not afraid to admit… Read More »

Dr. Football’s Mailbag, post-Kentucky

Hi Pat. I noticed that VH3, Antonio Morrison, and possibly others, had words written on the black eye patches like Tebow use to do. I was pretty sure they banned that in 2010 after Tebow made it so popular. Was the ruling overturned in the offseason?  Not a huge issue but I was surprised when I noticed it. — Zach Daniel. I noticed it, too, and wondered the same thing. The rule was put in after Tebow graduated (they didn’t… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, Week Three

The Sunday Blog comes at you after getting to the Dooley Dome at 1:30 a.m. (I knew it was late because there were two deer in my driveway) and then staying up to watch the DVR of the game. I don’t think I’m going to make Sunday Night Football. 1. After watching the game again, two observations about my favorite subject — officiating. Florida snapped the ball on its fourth-down touchdown in the first overtime after the clock hit zero.… Read More »

Dr. Football’s Mailbag, Week 3

Maybe I’m jaded from all of the injuries (last year/1st game -Humphries & McGee) & I know its Big Boy football but explain to me why you would risk injury by having VH3 on kickoffs? He is such a key defensive player especially with the young secondary that I just don’t see the benefit. — Brandon Brandon: I have to admit when I saw him running out there for the first kickoff I was surprised. Florida’s coaches obviously feel it’s… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, Week Two

The Sunday Blog stayed up way too late on Saturday night/Sunday morning but it’s college football season and that’s going to happen a lot. 1. I wrote in the Back Nine last week that I wasn’t going to start talking College Football Playoff until we were deep in the season but that was before the Big 10ish had a Saturday of historical proportions. And not in a good way. The conference has basically been eliminated from one of the four… Read More »