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Maybe bowls do matter

It has long been my belief that bowl games from one season have nothing to do with the next (and Gator fans are praying that’s the case this year). I believe pollsters — whether they be writers or sports information directors or magazines or websites — place too much emphasis on the bowl games when making their top 25s for the next season. So I decided to do some research to back up my beliefs. I took the bowl games… Read More »

SEC Media Days Coaches’ Rankings

Each year at the end of SEC Media Days, I rank the 14 coaches based on their time at the podium. This year, in honor of the retired head ball coach, we will call it the Steve Spurrier Award. We missed him here in Hoover. 1. Will Muschamp: If his record as a football coach was the same as it is in news conferences he’d still be the coach at Florida. He was relaxed and funny and took the high… Read More »

Father’s Day Delight

You couldn’t ask for a much better Father’s Day for sports fans on Sunday. You have the final round of the U.S. Open, Florida’s first game in the College World Series (against Coastal Carolina) and Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Kind of a big day. Also, my daughter is singing with her church group before they head out on tour. That’s where I’ll be Sunday night. Hey, I’ve got as DVR and who needs to watch the first quarter… Read More »

NIT expenses worth it

At a school that just gave its football coach a $750,000 raise per year, 10 percent of that feels like tip money. But that’s about what Florida spent on its three-game run in the National Invitation Tournament, right around $75,000 according to UAA executive associate athletic director Chip Howard. Had the O’Connell Center been available, Florida would have hosted all three rounds and actual would have made some money. But the O-Dome is under construction forcing the Gators to travel,… Read More »

Just in time, Top 25

Another college football season is in the rear-view mirror so, of course, everyone with a pulse has come out with what they call the “way too early” Top 25 predictions for next season. Why is it way too early? It’s never too early to think about the next college football season. Even if there are still decisions to be made for juniors. Even when there are staffs that will have some changes once signing day comes. Even if there are… Read More »

Final Sunday Blog of football season

The Back Nine comes at you a little late after an uneventful drive down I-75. Which is the best way to drive down I-75. 1. Even though the crowd at the Georgia Dome was 70-30 in favor of Alabama, I never felt like noise was an issue. People in the stands told me the Alabama fans were almost bored with the game. And Florida fans did a heckuva job despite being outnumbered. There are some questions I can’t answer, but… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, as tired as Florida’s defense in the fourth quarter

The Sunday Blog comes at you after a late Saturday night/Sunday morning. The tailgates were great, the game not so much. 1. So here are some stats to throw at you concerning Florida’s offense this season: Total offense — 104th in the nation. Third down conversions — 81st. Red zone scoring — 116th. Isn’t the Florida head coach supposed to be an offensive guy? Obviously, the quarterback situation is a mess and the lack of playmakers is still a leftover… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, Week 12

The Sunday Blog comes at you after another late night of watching college football games go down to the wire. It never gets old. 1. It has been hard to watch the way the Florida offense has regressed since the Georgia game. Some of it is an offensive line that seems to have hit a wall. Some of it is a quarterback who refuses to throw the ball to open receivers. Some of it has been play-calling. Whatever it is,… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, Week 11

 The Sunday Blog comes at you from I-95 (don’t worry, Robbie’s driving) after another Florida win in an improbable season: 1. Jim McElwain and Dabo Swinney had something in common. They were both trying to explain to the media how tough it is to win college football games. I get it, believe me. All you have to do is sit and watch a night of college football to understand that it’s not about style points over the course of a… Read More »

The Sunday Blog, Week 10

The Sunday Blog comes at you after a long night of watching football. Oh, and I also saw Florida vs. Vanderbilt. 1. Wow, did you see where there are more than 30 Missouri players who are refusing to practice because the president of the university hasn’t done enough about racism? His name is Tim Wolfe and he doesn’t plan to resign. There have been a series of incidents and he apparently has been sitting on his hands. 2. Quote of… Read More »