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Instant analysis: Coaches poll

Some quick thoughts on the first college football coaches’ poll: 1. Only three teams in the top 25 were not in the final coaches’ poll of last season, which came out after the College Football Playoffs — Notre Dame, LSU and Tennessee. 2. There are eight teams from the SEC ranked and five others who received votes including Florida (2) and Kentucky (1). Only Vanderbilt was shut out. Mississippi State and Texas A&M were the top two votegetters outside the… Read More »

Nothing to see here

Back when I was a kid, before the Internet and cell phone and cable TV, most college football games were played during the day. And by day, I mean 1 p.m. That changed gradually and finally reached the point where we are now. Oh, there are day games. But TV has discovered that it can sell night college football better than it ever anticipated. As a result, we are loaded with great night games at the start of the season.… Read More »

We’ve seen this SOS before

On Wednesday, Steve Spurrier called me to tell me what a great guy Jim McElwain is. The two had shared a plane trip the day before to go to ESPN. “He’s not too full of himself,” he said. “I don’t know what kind of team they’ll have this year, but he’ll be good for Florida in the long haul.” Then, he went into what was a similar speech to the one that he gave to the South Carolina media later… Read More »

We’ve got a track record

In anticipation of the SEC releasing how the media predicted the races in the divisions and who will win the championship, let’s look at how badly we’ve guessed. And let me say this — I think one reason is that too many media members vote based on what they remember of a team from the previous season or how it did in its bowl game. In 23 years of voting, we were right five times. A 5-18 record puts you… Read More »

SEC Media Days opening blog

HOOVER, Ala. — Usually here in the land that sidewalks forgot we are told what time Florida’s early games will be played. But this is the new SEC with a one-year old network so that news broke a couple of weeks ago. So when I went downstairs to get my credential and SEC media guide, the accompanying early TV schedule got tossed to the side. But I did notice that the SEC has two scheduled doubleheaders on CBS for Nov.… Read More »

A final Dooley-Vettel collaboration

It started the way so many of these lists start, two friends sharing beverages and scribbling them down on a cocktail napkin. In this case, it was a going-away meeting with Larry Vettel, the longtime Gator broadcaster who is moving to New York City. He mentioned that last year’s Florida-Georgia game was the most unexplainable result in all of his years of covering the Gators. I couldn’t agree more. But we didn’t stop there. After all, we had a history… Read More »

Prime time penalties

The announcement last week that Florida’s first three games of this football season are at night was certainly good news for those of you hoping to avoid heat stroke in September. The times — 7:30, 7 and 7:30 — are also good for those of you who plan to tailgate. But for someone who has to work the game and also loves college football, it was bad news. Here are just some of the games I will miss all of… Read More »

Chambers Blah

A Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there. Nothing we do is more important than being a good father. Unfortunately, with one daughter in Los Angeles and the other on a singing tour, I’ll be without my children on this Father’s Day. So I’ll just do what I do every Father’s Day and watch the U.S. Open. In theory, it should be great with so many players who have a chance. But Fox’s coverage and Chambers Bay… Read More »


OKLAHOMA CITY — I am freezing and I’m not complaining. It is about an hour before the Florida-Auburn game here Sunday and we are sitting outside in our press seats. It is 66 degrees. It has been this way all week and I certainly didn’t pack for this weather. I think Oklahoma City in late May and early June and I think about beads of sweat running down the side of my face and major pit stains. But this week… Read More »

Ranking SEC schedules from opposite divisions

We all know that things can change as a season goes along, especially in the volatile SEC. But a team’s chances of winning its division often depend on which teams it plays from the other side and where they play them. It’s the preseason, so this is how we rank the schedules from the other divisions heading into the season. 1. Georgia: At Auburn, Alabama. Nobody can complain about the Bulldogs having an advantage this year. 2. Kentucky: Auburn, at… Read More »