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The Sunday Blog comes at you after a bye week blowout that included Kobe burgers, a fire in the pit and the Cubs getting into the World Series. * Saturday was a lot of fun, but I know this — I can’t retire. Having two bye Saturdays in a three-week stretch was not healthy. But it was fun. Especially with my wife cheering on the Cubs while I tried to concentrate on football. To be honest, the day games were… Read More »


The Sunday Blog comes at you after a couple of late nights because, well, a couple of late nights. * The stat of the day may be that Lane Kiffin’s team has now outscored his two former college football employers by a combined 101-16. Kiffin finished off his night by tossing his visor into the stands to a Tennessee fan. You have to figure that someone will hire Kiffin, but is he interested in taking a lower level job? Right… Read More »


The Sunday Blog comes at you after an unexpected Saturday off and you know what that meant. Football, chicken wings, football, cold ones, football, chips, football, dip, football, friends, football I can’t imagine what it has been like to be a Tennessee fan this year. Every game down to the wire (except Virginia Tech, which might end up being the Vols’ best win). Every time you think they’re dead, they come back with a vengeance. Gotta give them credit considering… Read More »


The Sunday Blog comes at you after a safe trip home and a special thanks to our Friday night host Zach Piller. It was epic. LSU’s 42-7 win over Missouri coupled with Florida’s unimpressive showing in Nashville probably has a lot of Gator fans wondering if they should sleep in Saturday. There was a lot of emotion in Baton Rouge and I don’t think Missouri matches up well with LSU. Let’s face it — Florida’s offensive line makes it susceptible… Read More »


The Sunday Blog comes at you from the Knoxville airport where even the guy at Avis wanted to know what Jim McElwain was doing in the second half. And I had no answer. If the Florida coaches were nervous about protection in the second half, why weren’t they in the first half? I think they believed the defense was good enough to protect 21-3 and they went conservative until the momentum had clearly shifted and it was too late. There… Read More »


Canada Goose outlet Canada Goose Parkas Canada Goose coats Canada Goose jackets Canada Goose Parka The Sunday Blog comes at you after missing a week due to technical problems. I’d try to explain, but I don’t get it either.1. We knew that Jim McElwain has an angry side because we’ve seen it before. But we didn’t know he could go full Muschamp on us. That was quite a tirade Saturday night. Tennessee has an issue of its own after losing… Read More »


Canada Goose outlet Canada Goose sale Canada Goose Black Friday men’s canada goose moncler outlet The Sunday Blog is back after a Saturday that included a lot of football and barbecue and ball coach.1. Have yourself a bad day, SEC. We talked all summer about how much the conference had at stake on the first weekend of the season and it did not deliver. With Ole Miss still to go, the league went a pedestrian 7-6 to start the season.… Read More »

Maybe bowls do matter

cheap Canada GooseCanada Goose outletCanada Goose StoreCanada Goose JacketCanada Goose OnlineCanada Goose sale It has long been my belief that bowl games from one season have nothing to do with the next (and Gator fans are praying that’s the case this year).I believe pollsters — whether they be writers or sports information directors or magazines or websites — place too much emphasis on the bowl games when making their top 25s for the next season.So I decided to do some… Read More »

SEC Media Days Coaches’ Rankings

Canada Goose outlet Canada Goose Parkas Canada Goose coats Canada Goose jackets Canada Goose Parka Each year at the end of SEC Media Days, I rank the 14 coaches based on their time at the podium.This year, in honor of the retired head ball coach, we will call it the Steve Spurrier Award. We missed him here in Hoover.1. Will Muschamp: If his record as a football coach was the same as it is in news conferences he’d still be… Read More »

Father’s Day Delight

cheap Canada Goose Canada Goose outlet Canada Goose Store Canada Goose Jacket Canada Goose Online Canada Goose sale You couldn’t ask for a much better Father’s Day for sports fans on Sunday. You have the final round of the U.S. Open, Florida’s first game in the College World Series (against Coastal Carolina) and Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Kind of a big day. Also, my daughter is singing with her church group before they head out on tour. That’s… Read More »