As we wait for Florida’s game at South Carolina tonight, I thought it would be interesting to look at the SEC teams and how they have fared against the RPI top 100.

It’s something the selection committee will definitely look at when deciding which teams make it. As we know, there are only a few teams still on the bubble from the conference.

So here you go:

1. Florida 14-2

2. Kentucky 13-7

3. Arkansas 8-8

4. Tennessee 7-9

     Missouri 7-9

6. Texas A&M 6-9

7. LSU 5-8

    Georgia 5-8

9. Ole Miss 4-9

10. Alabama 5-12

11. Vanderbilt 4-10

12. South Carolina 3-14

13. Auburn 2-11

14. Miss. State 1-11

That adds up to 84-127, which is one reason the league is considered to be one of the weakest among the power conferences. Take out UF and UK and it’s 57-118 which is really bad.

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