I am like a lot of people in this business. When I read the Yahoo report by Charles Robinson on the mess in Miami, I was blown away. We all know that college football has a seedy side but this took it to a new level.

So many players — including a couple of Gators — are involved you wonder how long it will take the tortoise known as the NCAA to sift through the mess.

Miami is done. It will be a long time before the Hurricanes are relevant in football again. If ever. I don’t think Miami will get the death penalty. If you haven’t seen the 30 for 30 documentary on SMU you should go back and watch it before talking about the death penalty. SMU was a conspiracy to pay a lot of players over a long period of time and when the SMU boosters were caught they didn’t stop.

This is different. Really, really bad, but different.

One of the big questions to me is how the other schools will handle the players named in the report. Georgia’s Orson Charles, Purdue’s Robert Marve, UCF’s Jeff Godfrey and Gators Matt Patchan and Andre Debose are named as having been a guest of sleaze-and-scheme booster Nevin Shapiro.

You can declare them ineligible until things are resolved but there is no telling how long it will take. Or you can play them and hope for the best. Tough call.

The most embarrassed person in all of this has to be Paul Dee, who was the athletic director at Miami during the scandal (his second of his tenure there) and now works for the NCAA where he was the point man on the infractions committee that killed Southern Cal over Reggie Bush. Then, Dee implied USC should have known and allowed to much access to boosters. Yikes, takes one to know one.

It’s unfortunate that after all the scandals we have dealt with in the sport over the last 18 months or so, it only seems to be getting worse. We should be excited that college football is almost here. Instead, we’re neck-deep in another mess.

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